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An exceptional idea backed by a strong team: Key to HybridBlock’s success

Written by Suumit Shah

Witnessing the regulators around the world taking stringent measures to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies to curb illegal activities and malpractices, making it difficult for people to trade in the same, it can be said that the chances of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) succeeding have tremendously reduced. The regulations and the rumours of the same cause the uncertainty in the market and lead to massive price fluctuations. Only an exceptional idea backed by a strong team can make it through. HybridBlock is one such project.

By already crossing the soft cap, HybridBlock has managed to gain the interests and attention of the investors globally. The project with a unique idea and a team consisting of renowned and reliable names is raising funds through token sale till 5th June 2018.


Despite excluding the United States, New Zealand, China and Canada from the token sale, company has already raised $45.88 million. The hard-cap is $50 million. It means that the company is just $4.12 million away from the end of its token sale. 47{8783f9c10777c923b02c33647802df5dcd04fc11bd96f39a5d8fa7ce708fcf75} of the tokens were up for sale were sold at the pre-sale (when the offered 33{8783f9c10777c923b02c33647802df5dcd04fc11bd96f39a5d8fa7ce708fcf75} discount to attract investors) and initial days of ICO itself.

The digital currency has been accorded with a ticker of HYB while the token type is ERC20. The company has made available total digital tokens of about one billion and priced one Hybrid Token at $0.30 per coin. The company is accepting BTC, ETH, and NEO against its tokens in the ICO.

Cautious or Bullish?

Though the initial trend of investing in Hybrid Token ICO was termed to be a cautious one by the investors, there are others who see it as a bullish one. John Landers (one of the investors) said that he is “super bullish on this one,” adding that this was one of his top plays of the year. Another investor, Mitchelle Barriga, appreciated the founder’s speech in Dubai and termed it as an awesome vision besides the sound product that is right around the corner.


HybridBlock is designing an ecosystem with an aim to bring 100 million new people to blockchain network over next three years. For this, it is focusing on and developing four products. The first one is a learning hub – HybridCentral. Second is BaseTrade, which provides the easiest trading platform with popular modern customer service, benefiting the newcomers or the beginners primarily. HybridExchange is the third product which is a global exchange offering the deep order books best suitable for the intermediate users. The fourth one is HybridTerminal, centred on a dedicated terminal for lightning fast quotes, an ideal choice for the experts. The company has strengthened its core team and aligning with smart people who help further its vision.

Our token sale is live. Visit our Official Website for more details.

To be a part of HybridBlock’s HYB Token Sale, visit here.

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