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CID summons a partner of Surat’s businessman involved in bitcoin extortion

CID summons a partner of Surat's businessman involved in bitcoin extortion
Written by Max Middelman

As per new reports, Kirit Paladiya, business partner of Shailesh Bhatt, was summoned by CID for questioning on Monday in regards to the popular bitcoin case.

The sources of CID revealed that it wants to study the role of all alleged people in the case including, Shailesh Bhatt, Nalin Kotadiya an ex-MLA of the BJP from Dhari, Ketan Patel, and Kirit Paladiy. Jatin Patel, Ketan Patel’s brother, is also under suspicion as he as flown out of the country. An official of CID said that Ketan Patel had been interrogated by CID officials in the Sabarmati Central Jail for two days. “He did not answer our questions, including those regarding his brother,” a CID official said.

Meanwhile, CID has also been successful in discovering the CCTV footage of Amreli police inspector Anant Patel giving two boxes to his constables near a hospital on SG Road in Ahmedabad on April 6. The official added, “These are shoeboxes which we suspect contain Rs 40 lakh. The constables won’t come to SG Road in Ahmedabad to take only shoes. The constables are absconding.”

CID also claims that it has recorded the statements of Anagdiya who is charged of transferring Rs 1.32 crore (198780 dollars) in the name of Anant Patel’s friend. The official continued, “We have recorded the statement of Anant Patel’s friend, who is based in Amreli. He has confessed that he had handed over the money to Anant Patel. However, Patel has said in his statement that he had handed over the money to Amreli superintendent of police Jagdish Patel.”

As of now, CID aims to uncover the origins of the money. The official said, “We have tracked the money trail to Surat and will soon expose the whole conspiracy which we suspect was planned in mid-2017.

Jagdish Patel, Anant Patel, and Ketan Patel have already been arrested by CID and “there is certainly more than meets the eye in the case and we will soon learn what that is,” a CID official said.

On the other hand, Nalin Kotadiya has claimed to be innocent and being framed in the case. He stated, “I am a man of public life. I meet people and talk to them on the phone. It does not mean that I am involved in criminal acts with the people I meet or talk to on the phone.”

According to Kotadiya, Kirit Paladiya never transferred 200 bitcoins to police inspector Anant Patel which is evident in the forensic report.  He added, “If the bitcoins were not transferred the question that arises is where the money came from.”

Kotadiya is sure of someone hiding facts to dodge allegations. He continued, “Bhatt accepted that he was investing money from people affiliated with political parties. To protect them, attempts are being made to fix me in the case.”

Earlier this year, eight policemen in India were arrested after Shailesh Bhatt filed a complaint against police involved in abduction and extortion.  He claimed that 200 bitcoins were extorted from him in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Police have not come to any conclusion which has kept multiple doors of possibilities open in this case.

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