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Samsung’s upcoming TVs won’t require a remote controller but a human brain to operate

Samsung has made a significant mark at the TV section using its AMOLED screens along with the layout. It’s giving a tough fight to the likes of Sony and LG with fresh technologies and image chips. Nevertheless, the South Korean technology company is currently working on a brand new feature that for today could be termed nothing less than’revolutionary’. Samsung is hoping to eliminate remote controls for its TVs and is working together with scientists to allow pick users take charge of the appliance with their mind, according to CNET.

The company’s perfect approach to eliminate remote controls would be to create a wise TV program. This technology, nevertheless, isn’t made for the general audience but for anyone who have physical disabilities. The program intends to browse the brainwaves, monitor eye movements and utilize the Machine Learning algorithm to modify stations and also adjust the quantity.

For this, an individual would need to put on a headset which has 64 detectors. He/she would also must examine the eye tracker to function as TV.

Samsung is calling ‘Project Pontis’ along with also the organization’s Switzerland team began working on it about three months past. It succeeds with Center of Neuroprosthetics of this Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland to make this occur. Samsung is thought to begin analyzing the TV in Korean hospitals early next year.

The South Korean technology company adds it is working on a technician that only depends on brainwaves. It’s for all those who can not utilize the eye .

The next prototype of this TV has been demoed last week in its developer conference in San Francisco. The conference saw the demonstration of Samsung’s first-ever Adaptive display. The company also announced it is working on other screen fashions with notches. Samsung has supported the arrival of its own foldable smartphone for following year.

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